Sunday, May 15, 2011

Front cab area

Removed the floor just to see what I was dealing with. While the welding was a shitty job by the previous owner, it has been bloody hard to cut out. Took me most of the day to extract the passenger side and middle section and I am still working on the drivers side.

 Looks like I am going to have to replace almost all the metal from the bulkhead forward. There are some parts of the metal that are in ok shape but I figure that while I am cutting and welding I might as well fix it right and so plan to do an order from the local KlassicFab place here in New Zealand. So the money is mounting up with doglegs (both sides), headlight support panel, A Pillar (both sides below the bottom hinge), floor (obviously) nose cone (yeah its a little bit too rough to try and resurrect back to life. For the amount of time and energy required to get it reasonable, it is cheaper and quicker to replace with a new panel).

Looks like I will probably need to also consider replacement of the seat mounting panels on both sides. When the bus had a knock to the nose on the drivers side, it must have been fairly serious as the seat mounting panel is stoved in as well. A bad hammer job to try and fix and, well, best replace. On the passengers side looks like someone has taken a can opener to the side where it mounts to the dog leg. As I said probably best to just replace rather than fart-arse around fixing. I want to do justice to the restoration and rather than do an ok job, I want to make it virtually as good as new again and last another 34 plus years.

Other than this little bit of work, as I have said in my previous blogs, am just waiting on a part to fix my welder. Mind you last week end when I got the air compressor, it wasn't holding the air and while I was checking it out, the regulator snapped off so I am gonna have to replace that piece now before I can get the air cutter going. Just when I am about to start, something else always seems to kick up.

Going to be a big job - there goes plans of having it ready for next summer!! I am probably going to have to build a frame (spinning jenny or similar) so I can flip and get easier access to the sub frame and hard to weld bits. Have to find a set of plans for this though. Hey if anyone out there has a set of plans, would appreciate you contacting me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Walk around movie

Really haven't done anything else, been away on business all week but finally worked out how to upload a couple of videos on YouTube. Shows just how bad some of the rust is in places. The front drivers quarter is pretty messed up, especially underneath where basically the only thing holding its together is the rust. She is pretty crumpled up so I plan to replace all the bent pieces to make it true and straight again.  Anyway check them out:



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy day

Ok so today was really just a slow day just pottering on the bus - am waiting for something to arrive for my welder. So until I get this I am resolved to simply cleaning up the body as much as I can in preparation for cutting rusted tin off and splicing new panels and metal back in place.  Also removed a lot of the tinware on the engine and prepping that for primer and paint eventually.

Continued to grind way some of the bondo on the rockers and it was much worse than I though .... swiss cheese completely along the whole rocker. The previous owner had inserted some of sticky gunk and matting inside the rocker and then  sealed up with no more nails and bondo'ed over the top. Muppet repair number one. 
Spent a couple of hours on the nose and the only thing holding it together was a couple of screws an the bottom, a welding tack in the odd place at the top and a heap of bondo. It is in dire straights and I don't know if I will be able to fix this. Even corrigated iron has less waves in it. Also the surface was not prepared properly and it had a layer of rust over the surface. Muppet repair number two

Roll on next weekend.